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Charity Partners

Kidney Cancer UK

Kidney Cancer UK is the UK’s leading specialist kidney cancer charity. It seeks to reduce the harm caused by kidney cancer by increasing knowledge and awareness, providing patient information and by supporting research into the causes, prevention and treatment of the disease. It offers Patient support and a free patient care line along with patient and research grants together with online nurse and doctor training programs.

Free patient care line – 0330 111 2333  For more information visit: www.kcuk.org.uk

Beating Bowel Cancer

Beating Bowel Cancer logo

Beating Bowel Cancer is the support and campaigning charity for everyone affected by bowel cancer. We provide practical and emotional help – on the phone, digitally and face to face. The charity is proud to run the UK’s only nurse-led specialist helpline for bowel cancer, which patients call a ‘lifeline’. It brings patients together to share invaluable experience and support, through our website, social media and major events. They campaign tirelessly to raise public awareness of bowel cancer and ensure Governments and health services provide the highest quality care and treatments.

Beating Bowel Cancer’s Specialist Nurse Advisors are on hand to offer support and answer questions and concerns. Their confidential helpline is open from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday and from 9am to 4pm on Friday on 020 8973 0011 or by email: nurse@beatingbowelcancer.org

For more information visit: www.beatingbowelcancer.org

Pancreatic Cancer UK

Pancreatic Cancer UK Logo

Pancreatic Cancer UK is the only national charity fighting pancreatic cancer on all fronts: Support, Information, Campaigning and Research.

Freephone confidential support line – 0808 801 0707 For more information visit: www.pancreaticcancer.org.uk

NET Patient Foundation

NET Patient Foundation logo

The NET Patient Foundation is the only charity in the UK & Ireland dedicated to providing support and information to people affected by neuroendocrine cancers. The NET Patient Foundation was formed at the start of 2006 and has Charity Commission status.

The aims of the charity are:

  • to provide accurate and up-to-date information for people living with, or affected by, neuroendocrine tumours. They do this through information and forums (website open forum, Facebook closed forum and patient events).
  • to provide support for patients and others affected by neuroendocrine tumours. The foundation offer a free helpline which is manned by an experienced healthcare professional, and organise patient support groups around the UK and Ireland (NET Natter Groups).
  • to improve the quality of life for patients and their families. They do this by providing support and information about diagnosis, support and treatments available, as well as by funding and publicising research and existing medical initiatives. Also through advocacy, from signposting to parliamentary events, to ensure all people with neuroendocrine tumours have equity of access to care and treatments, ensuring they achieve the best possible outcomes.

Free helpline – 0800 4346 476 For more information visit: www.netpatientfoundation.org

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust Logo

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is the UK’s only charity dedicated to those affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities. The charity offers a range of online and face to face support and information including: information materials, a Helpline 0808 802 8000, online forum, local support groups and an Ask The Expert service.

For more information visit: www.jostrust.org.uk


Braintrust is the UK’s largest dedicated brain tumour charity. They fight brain tumours on all fronts through research, awareness and support to save lives and improve quality of life.

The charity continues to:

  • fund pioneering research to find new treatments, improve understanding, increase survival rates and bring us closer to a cure.
  • raise awareness of the symptoms and effects of brain tumours, to reduce diagnosis times and make a difference every day to the lives of people with a brain tumour and their families.
  • provide support and information for anyone affected to improve quality of life.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a brain tumour, or it’s a family member or friend, they are there to help. They offer a wide range of inclusive and accessible services, for everyone affected by a brain tumour, whether it’s low or high grade, adult or child. The Support & Info Line is open Monday to Friday, 9-5, and will answer a variety of questions and provide a listening ear. You can call the team on 0808 800 0004.

For more information visit  www.braintumourcharity.org