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Every Londoner should have an equal opportunity for good mental health. But they don’t. Thrive LDN is a citywide movement to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all Londoners.

Thrive LDN has launched its annual campaign to get everyone in the capital talking about mental health and wellbeing, and taking action to make London the happiest, healthiest city in the world.

This year’s Are we OK London? campaign highlights how poor mental health is more prominent in some groups of society than others.

More than two million Londoners experience some form of poor mental health every year and report a lower level of life satisfaction and self-worth than the national average. Almost 10% of children and young people living in the capital aged between 5 and 16 experience a mental health issue and in 2016, on average, eleven Londoners per week took their own lives.



Are we OK London? will champion how everyone should have an equal right to make the most of their life and thrive. The campaign focuses on how the inequality and discrimination experienced by certain individuals and groups in society affects their mental health and wellbeing.

Reducing mental health inequalities is a matter of fairness and social justice. Change in London can only be created if more people are aware of the impact of inequality on mental health and are supported to take action. The campaign will do this by amplifying unheard voices and enabling people to tell their stories directly in a diverse range of ways.

Through the campaign’s events and activities, all Londoners will better understand what they can do for themselves and each other to improve things.

Take action with Thrive LDN now via www.thriveldn.co.uk or @ThriveLDN.