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Coordinate My Care

As a patient, you are likely to have views about your care: what you would like to happen, where you want to receive care, and even things that you would like to avoid.

Coordinate My Care (CMC) is a Pan-London NHS Service that puts you at the heart of planning your urgent medical care. It ensures that your wishes are considered by everyone who will be looking after you.

With your clinician’s support, you can record your preferences and wishes within an electronic personalised urgent care plan that includes your clinical information and relevant medical history. This care plan can be viewed by all healthcare professional teams involved in your care – such as your GP, community nurses, out-of-hours doctors, the London Ambulance Service and NHS 11 – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


mycmc – the CMC patient portal

It is now possible for you to begin a CMC plan yourself. You can go to the mycmc website homepage, where you can click on Start mycmc and watch the introductory video to find out more. However, you will still need to meet with a healthcare professional to discuss and complete the care plan before it can be shared with other services.