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Helping personnel return to duty or to civilian life

The Defence Recovery Capability (DRC) is an initiative led by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in partnership with Help for Heroes and The Royal British Legion, alongside other Service charities and agencies.

Its mission is to support wounded, injured and sick (WIS) personnel in their recovery, to enable them to either return to duty or make a smooth transition into civilian life.

The three single Services (Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force) have their own tailored approach to recovery under the DRC umbrella.

Collectively, they command 17 specialist recovery units and cells, which are run by military personnel within 21 MoD bases. These recovery units provide the day-to-day recovery support for WIS personnel.

Personnel recovery centres

In partnership with Help for Heroes and The Royal British Legion, the MoD has also established five Personnel Recovery Centres (PRCs), a Naval Service Recovery Centre and the Battle Back Centre in Lilleshall.

These provide a full range of recovery activities, including courses, mentoring, adaptive sports and adventure training within a military environment. They are not hospitals, rehabilitation or physiotherapy centres, but take advantage of the full range of existing welfare, medical, rehabilitation, education and resettlement facilities located in the garrisons next to them.

The provision of these facilities with Help for Heroes and The Royal British Legion represents the largest single charitable contribution to the armed forces in British history.

Individual recovery plan

At the heart of the recovery pathway is the Individual Recovery Plan (IRP), which is tailored to the individual’s needs. Our goal is the successful transition of WIS personnel to a realistic, fulfilling and sustainable return to duty or civilian life, agreed with the individual and their chain of command.

The IRP integrates all aspects of recovery, including medical, welfare, housing, education, training, work placements and employment opportunities. It also ensures that individuals have access to the specialist support needed at each stage of recovery, whether that support is provided by the MoD, the NHS, the charitable sector, or other key delivery partners to drive recovery forward.

For personnel unable to return to duty, the Recovery Careers Services Partnership provides a specialist career service for WIS who face the greatest barriers to employment. This is provided in addition to the MoD’s Career Transition Partnership resettlement programme, which is provided to all service personnel being medically discharged.