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Kingston Maternity Services

Map Galsworthy Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 7QB

Switchboard 020 8546 7711 

You can self-refer by completing and submitting this form.

Specialist services include:

There is car parking available at this hospital.


When planning a location for birth, Kingston offers homebirth (provided by a small team of midwives), an alongside midwife led unit (malden suite) and a labour ward. The majority of healthy pregnant women will be recommended to plan for birth at home or on the malden suite.

Women are encouraged to self refer (using their online service) as soon as they are pregnant. This enables a Kingston midwife to arrange a ‘booking assessment’ appointment and discuss their individual journey throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

Speciliast Services Include:

  •  Neonatal intensive care unit
  • Fetal medicine service
  • 24/7 anaesthetic service for epidurals and anaesthesia for caesarean
  • section
  • Transitional care ward – for mothers and their baby who need enhanced
  • care but not within the neonatal unit
  • Specialist help for women with HIV
  • Specialist help for women with Mental Health issues
  • Diabetic service
  • Multiple pregnancy service – twins or triplets
  • Clinic for women with a history of a previous loss or early pregnancy
  • Support for women who have had Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • Support for women in a subsequent pregnancy have had a caesarean section
  • Raised Body Mass Index (BMI) support
  • ECV breech clinic

At Kingston Maternity Services you can have your baby at:

Birth Centre

The Malden Suite has four birthing rooms, two birthing pools, and two inflatable pools.

Facilities include: Stools, cub stool, bean bags, floor mats and birthing balls to support active labour

Phone: 0208 546 2802

Delivery Suite

The Delivery Suite has 8 birthing rooms all with en-suite 1 pool room with waterproof mobile fetal monitoring 2 Obstetric Theatres

Facilities include: Gym Balls, Mats

Phone 020 8767 4654

The antenatal ward has a 32 bedded ward area that supports antenatal and postnatal care 24 hours a day.

There are 4 private rooms available with 2 of those being en-suite. Single room accommodation is allocated on a needs basis.

Antenatal clinic phone 020 8725 1708

There are 40 postnatal beds, including eight single rooms.

Postnatal clinic phone020 8725 2012

Home birth

Home birth are available for women who live in the area.

The homebirth service is delivered by a small number of experienced midwives, who are passionate about homebirth. The maternity service and homebirth team are dedicated to improving homebirth provisions in the local area and providing a safe and a positive experience for families.

If you would like to speak to a member of the homebirth team, please call us on 020 8934 3752.