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Maternity Services – Public Postnatal lookup

Use this tool to locate responsible postnatal community provider for discharged women in London. Please ensure that you have woman’s full address to which the woman will be discharged to. This might be different to her usual home address.

This tool is for look up only. Please follow your local hospital guidelines to ensure women and babies are transferred safely.

User Guide

How to use the map.

  1. Open the map by clicking the map image below, or by following this link 
  2. In the top left hand corner, click on the magnifying glass icon. Then put in the full postcode or address of where the woman will be going home to. (Note this can be different from their home address)_ 
  3. Either hit ‘enter’ or click ‘move map to’ to zoom the map to the address
  4. Click again anywhere in the coloured area, this will bring up the provider’s information 
  5. Use the provider information to get in contact