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Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital

Map Du Cane Road, London W12 0HS

Maternity helpline 020 3312 6135

Maternity unit 020 3313 3900 020 3313 3025

There is car parking for women in labour, and spaces available at the maternity unit. If you are a maternity patient, you can purchase a day pass for the car park to use on the day you come to hospital to have your baby. This can only be used in car parking spaces designated for staff permit holders.

You can self-refer online here.

At Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital you can have your baby at:

Birth Centre

The Birth Centre has seven birthing rooms and three birthing pools.

Facilities include: ensuite rooms; all active birth equipment; double beds; bean bags; birth balls; birth mats; birthing couch; CD player; cushions; aromatherapy service; supporting rope or sling; dimmable lighting.

Delivery Suite

The Delivery Suite has 15 birthing rooms and one birthing pool. 

Facilities include four wireless monitoring devices.

Phone 020 3313 5167

The antenatal ward has 15 beds. Phone 020 3313 5185

The postnatal ward has 37 beds. Phone 020 3313 5185

Specialist services include: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; FGM clinic; Maternity day assessment unit and Triage; Fetal medicine unit; Maternal medicine unit; Tongue-tie service; Private midwifery care; Level 3 Neonatal care.

Home birth

Home birth services are available for women who live in the local area.