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Royal London Hospital

Map Whitechapel Road, London E1 1BB

Phone 020 7377 7000

You can self-refer by completing and submitting this form. Please note the referral form is at the bottom of the Barts Health Maternity page.

Specialist services include: Diabetes, infection diseases, multiple gestation, fetal medicine, perinatal medicine, maternal medicine, private patients care.

There is car limited parking available at this hospital.

At Royal London Hospital you can deliver your baby at:

Birth Centre

The Lotus Birth Centre has four birth rooms with ensuite bathrooms and birthing pools, and three postnatal ensuite rooms

Facilities include: double beds, sofa, flat screen TV, three postnatal rooms with reclining chairs for partners and three low risk triage rooms.

You can self-refer by attending an antenatal clinic and completing a form.

Phone 020 3594 2367

Delivery Suite

The Delivery Suite has 16 birth rooms, one active birth pool and inflatable pools as well as 14 individual rooms for antenatal admission, induction of labour and triage cases.

Facilities include: spacious rooms equipped for active birth and high risk labour, ensuite bathroom, four bedded maternity HDU/recovery, obstetric and anaesthetic support and care, high risk triage area.

Phone 020 3594 2364 / 020 3594 2365

The Postnatal ward has 31 postnatal beds. Phone 020 7791 8300

There are 10 ensuite amenity rooms available at cost of £150 per night. Partners are welcome to stay overnight.

Home birth

Home birth services are available to women who live within Tower Hamlets. There is a designated homebirth team consisting of four midwives who offer a caseloading model of care to women who have chosen a homebirth.


Some metered parking in the streets around the hospital: Turner Street – Ashfield Street – Varden Street – Cavell Street

If you need to be dropped off, approach the hospital via Stepney Way. The hospital is outside the congestion zone.