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Video Companion Guide – Gradual Return to Running

The graphic below will guide you on exercises to consider and includes gradual return to running after birth.

It is important for us to highlight that each person’s road to recovery will differ and the same applies when returning to exercise. There is no expectation following birth to achieve these exact time frames or fitness milestones.

But if you have built up your strength following guidance below and are ready to return to running at 12 weeks after birth, then using tools like the NHS Couch to 5k App is recommended. This will help you gradually build up your running fitness and endurance.

Chart showing examples of exercise progression in the postnatal runner

IMPORTANT: Remember to stop exercising if you experience:

  • Pain
  • Any pelvic floor problems such as urine, stool or flatus incontinence
  • Heaviness or bulging in the vagina
  • Any other concerns.

You should discuss this with your healthcare provider and seek a referral to a pelvic-health physiotherapist so that you can have clinical
assessment and guidance.

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