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Stop Smoking London

Amazing Things Happen when you stop smoking!

Nearly one million smokers live in London, and the vast majority want to quit smoking within the year.

Stop Smoking London, focuses on the many benefits of quitting smoking, including improved health, more money, increased energy and better appearance.

The mobile friendly website – www.stopsmokinglondon.com, includes new features to support London smokers as they quit, including the opportunity to arrange a call back from local Stop Smoking Services.

For smokers wanting to talk to someone, telephone support is available via NHS Smokefree and the bespoke London offer of proactive 28 day support.

On calling 0300 123 1044 specialist advisers can help with access to local stop smoking information and support.  From December 2018, callers may also be invited to take part in a 28 day SMS text message Stop Smoking London support package.

For London smokers wishing to quit smoking or learn more please visit www.stopsmokinglondon.com.

Alternatively, please call the Stop Smoking London Helpline and speak to an adviser now on 0300 123 1044.